Basic Embroidery Stitches Sampler - PDF Tutorial

Hi! 😊
Just finished a pdf tutorial with detailed photos
of the working process of the embroidery stitches
used in my latest spring embroidering.
Love embroidery samplers,
especially when they are so simple and fun to stitch.
 📲✨Scan the QR code printed on the booklet kit
to download this embroidery stitch tutorial.
Hope you like it, have fun!! 🥰✨🌿


Summer / Cadaqués landscapes and findings

enjoyed some short vacations in Cadaqués
amazing views, weather, and findings
in the middle of nowhere...

lovely bookcrossing seaside spot


land art and graffiti

bon estiu
feliz verano
happy summer

Summer / Tudela to cap de Creus


nice walking from Tudela, "Club Med"
to Cap de Creus.
Check the link to know about the whole process of deconstruction of the club
and the original landscape restoration.
so amazing!

Summer / Cadaqués views

A mi plin...
me cuido con Pikolin 

I couldn't care less!  
I take care of myself with Pikolin.
 🙌 😂 👌

few days of beautifulness
by a pleasant sea.

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