Just to say hello :)

hola a todas!! qué tal os está yendo?
estáis disfrutando de unos días al sol? en la playa?
en la motaña?
yo sigo por aquí intentando trabajar, y digo intentando
porque cada vez me cuesta más...
intento pensar que cuanto antes lo acabe antes me
pondré a hacer mis cositas pero ni aún así!
disfrutad mucho del verano por mí :D!
feliz domingo!!
gracias a todas por vuestros comentarios en mi anterior post,
Jo March está hecha toda una campeona!
me encanta esta ilustración,
es de Andrew Cross (super8), via Penguin & Fish

hello everybody! are you enjoying these summer days?
i'm still working, well... triying to work and concentrate
it's so hard doing it during this time...
i try to remember that i'll take up again
my little things as soon as i finish it!
but i've got distracted so often...
so have a nice time gals, enjoy!! :D
thank you so much for all those nice comments on my last post,
doli Jo March is the queen of the dancing party already!
i love this painting by Andrew Cross (super8), via Penguin & Fish

5 comentarios:

lili scratchy said... [Reply to comment]

Juste un bonjour aussi!
à bientôt!

emedemarta said... [Reply to comment]


la ilustración es super graciosa!
así da gusto quedarse en casita, tú te encargas de alegrarnos el día!!

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

lovely blog! I feel the same today - various ideas in my head and I'm being distracted by various other things...anyway:) fav'ing your etsy shop! keep up a good work!

themagicalbean said... [Reply to comment]

I love this picture! I totally understand, summer makes it so easy to be distracted by other things that I would rather be doing...

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

bonjour Lili!

gracias marta! parece que somos bastantes las que estamos en casita!

hey leva! yep! sumertime is really hard working!!
thanks for fav'ing my shop :), so nice to have you here

hahaha! magicalbean, yeah! i keep on being concentrated, but i can't!!!

have a nice week you all! and thanks for visiting ;)
faliz semana a todas y gracias por la visita!

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