Goodbye Mike Kelley

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el miércoles me enteré de que el artista Mike Kelley había muerto.
lo conocíais?

El disco de Sonic Youth "Dirty", de 1992
con el trabajo de Mike Kelley en la portada e interiores,
una de las obras que más me ha influenciado a lo largo del tiempo
quizás porque hablaba mi mismo lenguaje,
yo no era consciente de ello, tan sólo me sentía identificada.
retrataba toda una generación, una ideología,
una manera de vivir...
punk, grunge, generación X, cultura indie...
vídeo de Sonic Youth, "Bull in the heather"
y un pequeño vídeo con una entrevista suya en el blog de Kim Baise, jikits,
para entrar en materia :)

i heard about Mike Kelley's death last wednesday.
did you know about him and his work?

Kelley 's work on the Sonic Youth's album cover for "Dirty" released in 1992.
this art work touched me and influenced me without knowing,
maybe because we used the same lenguage,
just loved it and emphatized with it.
i think that his work represented the voice of a generation,
a way of thinking and living...
punk, grunge, generation X, indie culture...
just to get into the point, Sonic Youth's "Bull in the heather"
and a short video/interview on the inspiring jikits blog.

Arena#10 (Dogs) 1990 / image from here

Arena# 7 (Bears) 1990 / image from here

Frankenstein 1989 / image here

Untitled, 1990, and Pink Shadow, 1989
images found here

images found here

Say hello to Mike Kelley's Little Friend you can BUY it for just $200, here

Huggable talking plush toy friend created by artist Mike Kelley.
Speaks twenty different phrases in random order when you squeeze it…eg.
"Hurt Me, I Don't Mind!" and "Do You Really Love Me?"

Mike Kelley’s wall hanging More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid,
with a related work, The Wages of Sin, both 1987.
found here

Mike Kelley’s 1990s installation of sewn-together stuffed animals
and fiberglass deodorizers at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Art Basel Miami Beach.
found here
Mike Kelley
1954 - January 31, 2012 - February 1

espero que disfrutéis su trabajo.
feliz fin de semana!
hope you enjoy his art works.
have a happy weekend!

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Kim Baise said... [Reply to comment]

this is a wonderful tribute post for mike kelley.
so sad to hear the news that he died from suicide..
he was brilliant and also a great influence.
so glad you posted this. he/his work will not be forgotten

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Kim :)
Yes, I know about his suicide, so sad...
I've seen you blogged about it, i've linked to your post. I'm happy you admired his work too :)

Les petites choses de la Madame said... [Reply to comment]

This is often the best die young ... just for the cover of Sonic Youth's Dirty album (one of my favorite bands) eternal gratitude!

Johanna Tagada said... [Reply to comment]

This is a nice tribute to him.

I admire his work and all he put in there. I remember the amount of emotions I felt a few years ago when I saw one of his pieces for the first time and since I feel this way all the time I see one.

Have a nice sunday,

Laura Brown said... [Reply to comment]

A great tribute to a great artist.
Sad to hear about his death...

Dona Soleil said... [Reply to comment]

jope! flipo! muy interesante


reviews said... [Reply to comment]

his artworks are really great!

Andrea Deal said... [Reply to comment]

I am so sad to hear of Mike Kelley's passing. He was such a craft visionary. Thanks for posting this Eva!

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