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 hola! he hecho algunas fotos de la revista Little Thing,
me llegó hace unas semanas y como es tan bonita y este número trata sobre la costura y el bordado he pensado que igual os interesa.
hay algunas artistas y crafters que no conocía, más abajo os paso los links :)
espero que os inspire tanto como a mí!

here is the last issue of Little Thing magazine,
i told you before that this issue was about sewing.
I know it’s hard to find, specially from spain, so i wanted to share it with you.

I came across this beautiful magazine  by chance,
while browsing images on Google. I was searching  for vintage dolls and nutcrackers
and I found these amazing pics.
I started to look for more info about the magazine,
but unfortunatly it was impossible to buy it on any local stores…
it was an wonderful surprise finally leafing through it!
(Love this type of matte paper…)

The only thing i miss is to be able to read in chineese
Just enjoying all this inspiration, beautiful findings and great ideas.

In this issue i met artists new for me:

Arimoto Yumiko
Mao Numata via Joetta Maue's blog, another great artist)
Yoko Hasegawa and here

y otro gran artista-bordador: Rick Katovicz,
posando con una camiseta estampada con uno de mis diseños de las máscaras insectos.
qué gran honor! :D
me ha encantado la foto,
podéis seguir su projecto aquí.

gracias a Kireei , Caterina y a Flor de Romero por postear mi taller nuevo de bordado,
Begoña, Loly, Laura, Leire, Silvia, Supercursi, Mery Lemon, Benoît...
y a todas/os los que os habéis hecho eco de mis talleres.
da gusto estar por aquí entre gente tan guay!

a disfrutar!

and another great artist/embroiderer Rick Katovicz,
wearing a t-shirt featuring one of my old designs.
what a big honour!
he's so cool! love this pic :D
you can follow his stitched portrait project here.

thanks to all the people that supported and shared my new workshops Kireei, MercedesCaterina, Begoña, Loly, Laura, Leire, Silvia, Supercursi, Mery Lemon, Benoît... you all rock!!


9 comentarios:

Lilli said... [Reply to comment]

Absolutely beautiful magazine - and that looks like my sewing machine on the front :)
I must see if I can find it somewhere. Your work is both beautiful and inspirational.

ricky said... [Reply to comment]

Eva!!! This Little Thing magazine looks AMAZING. Tahnk you for sharing the images from it and then I found my face at the bottom of the post :) Thanks for the honor!

Eri ♥ said... [Reply to comment]

Felicidades Eva, me encanta que tu hermoso trabajo sea reconocido en todo el mundo !!!

Alita said... [Reply to comment]

que lindo que es tu trabajo!
me encanta

Jess.Morillo said... [Reply to comment]

Qué revista tan bonita!! Gracias por compartirla y por enseñarnos bordadores tan interesantes!!

*que vayan muy bien los talleres!! ^_^


misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@Lilli thank you :)
your sewing machine must be beautiful! you're a lucky one!
@ricky I'm also honored ;), thanks for sending me the pic!!!
@Eri ♥
gracias!! eres muy amable!! :)
@Alita gracias a ti también :)

un placer teneros por aquí! feliz fin de semana!!

Anna Maria said... [Reply to comment]

Ah, this magazine is lovely! I have been trying to find it in Melbourne... to no avail! Thanks so much for sharing these images, Eva. They are super cute. Hope you are having a lovely day :)

Lazy Animals said... [Reply to comment]

So cool! Thank you for sharing!

Romero i Juaneta said... [Reply to comment]

Gracias a ti por hacer cosas tan geniales, son un lujazo!!

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