instagram without smartphone

what a weird day i had on Sant Jordi,
there was, my tiny stand alone on the street
the middle of nowhere.

a yellow spot.
i met new friends...
and watched people passing by :)
and yes! i'm on instagram, still with my silly phone,
just follow this tutorial if you want to join it using your computer!
how to register or signup to instagram using your pc or mac computer
i downloaded the Android APK from here
and Grambler to upload my pics from the computer!
if you need some instagram filters to edit your images just get these photoshop actions ;)

so silly! a very funny slow (and elaborated) way to do an instant photo, haha
it will be uploaded 1 hour later from the shoot ;)

qué día más friki fue el de Sant Jordi,
mi parada estaba en medio de la calle,
o en medio de la nada, todavía no lo tengo muy claro...

era un punto amarillo en el cemento,
hice nuevas amigas...
y vi pasar a mucha gente :)
y sí! ya estoy por fin en instagram, y con mi móvil tontorrón,
y un montón de filtros parecidos a los que se utilizan.
es super ridículo, igual subo las fotos una hora después de hacerlas
y super retocadas, jeje
tan tonto!
bueno, seguid este tutorial si como yo todavía no tenéis un móvil listo y espabilado.
a disfrutar!

4 comentarios:

thimble said... [Reply to comment]

oooh I've wanted instagram for so long but my phone isn't the right type :-( maybe I'll try this out :-D
p.s. your stall looks adorable!

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@thimble thank you for your sweet words about my stand <3
oh! yes! you must try it out, it's very easy to install and it works :), just tell me!! i'll be happy to meet you on instagram too!!

Evie said... [Reply to comment]

Useful post! So happy to see you on Instagram too. Love your yellow spot stall... and that first photo! How great is the cheeky look from the guy with the mo : ) xx

Maminas said... [Reply to comment]

Si hubiera sabido esto antes no me compraba un teléfono nuevo :)! gracias por compartir!

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