Vintage musical Baby Doll

hola! espero que hayáis disfrutado del puente :)
me traje a casa esta muñequita en una de las últimas visitas que hice a los encantes.
estoy inmersa en dos proyectos largos, por eso no doy muchas señales de vida.
ya os contaré más adelante,  hoy me toca hacer flores de papel ;)
os paso algunos tutoriales muy chulos.
amapola, variadas 1 y 2, flor de papel gigante

hello! hope you're doing fine :)
one happy finding i met at the flea market,
i couldn't resist to take home this adorable vintage musical baby doll.
i'm working hard on two big projects,
i'll tell you about them later, 
today i have to make some beautiful paper flowers ;)
here are some nice tutorials.
poppy, various 1 and 2, huge paper flower

más cosas retro, unos anuncios antiguos de maquillaje que encontré
en este blog especializado en los 60s y 70s: Sweet Jane, aquí y aquí 
awesome vintage ads found on Sweet Jane, great 60's and 70's style blog.
blogged here
and here.

+lovely treasuries+
Toy love Fun For Kids!
y mi tetera en el blog de Louise et moi
and my cozy teapot at Louise et moi 
feliz semana! //  have a nice week!

8 comentarios:

Mr. Spoqui said... [Reply to comment]

La Mile tenía un juguete de este tipo quando era chica, era una casa que movia los ojos, la boca era la puerta... de hecho, nos parecía algo mágico :) ahora pertenece a otros niños :D

Kim Baise said... [Reply to comment]

so cute with the tune "it's a small world afterall'! it looks like this little hampleman is from the 60's. love his colors <3

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@Mr. Spoquiuna casa musical? seguro que era super bonita!! me gusta lo de la boca-puerta.
no tenéis ninguna foto?

@Kim Baise i didn't know it was this tune! now, i love it more ;)
yeah! it looks to be from that time.
a hampleman?... i was wondering how do you call this kind of toys in english, thanks for the tip!

Kim Baise said... [Reply to comment]

Ha! ha!! i really don't know what it's called in english.. i think a 'jumping jack'?
My mom is German so I know the word 'hampleman".. We always had a few of them hanging in the house when I was a kid , so I love these things <3
"it's a Small World" is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland.If you ever visit LA, I will take you to this ride because i know you would love all the dolls that move and sing this song!

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@Kim Baise oh! I thought "that" was its name ;)
Is it designed by Mary Blair? I remember her book, and I've browsed Google to find some images. It's so beautiful!!
I take note Kim, I don't know when I'll visit LA, but I promise to let you know and enjoy together the ride!!
Thanks ;)

Amets said... [Reply to comment]

aaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! qué kuki ese muñeco!! más que la canción me gusta el ruidito que mete con lo bracitos!! PRECISO!

Annas Camping said... [Reply to comment]

Sooo cute, the baby doll!

I'm back from a long blog break, but I missed it all so much - so here I am :)

Not many weeks until my Barcelona trip - and I am so much looking forward to it. And to hopefully see you :)

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

jajaja! sí, el ruidito ese de clack-clack ha quedado muy auténtico ;), e mí también me ha hecho mucha gracia! feliz semana!! :)

@Annas Camping oh!! this is great! i'm going to visit you right now!
YEAH!! can't wait to meet you in barcelona!! :D

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