because i always need more

new-friends.us via bud pnq

Bee costume,1920 & Catbat, via Missy Kulik

mermaid on etsy

collage by Virginia Echeverria whipple ///
Jacqui Stockdale, Girl in Darkness, 2007, via Hazel Terry

Calder, The Brass family 1929, via Hazel Terry

Members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus vamp 1976, via midori naninonaino

Little Bobo and His Blue Jacket by Tony Brice 1944 on etsy

'I Hate To Cook' via Deborah Beau ///
Angel Food Cake recipe by in the little red house, via Jennifer Hagler

Romantic Melody by Misaki Kawai

uff! estoy preparando las fotos de los últimos talleres y
voy entrando en Pinterest para distraerme un poco.
una económica manera de poseer más cosas,
aunque sólo sean imágenes de cosas...
así sacio mi sed consumista.
estoy enferma, mi pinterest crece por momentos,
echar un vistazo si os habéis quedado con gans de más ;)

*mil gracias a Celina Bailey por este precioso post,
es todo un honor porque tiene un blog de lo más inspirador,
escribe también en la petite magazine y en Babyccino Kids
y su Pinterest es de lo más guay del mundo!

feliz lunes!!!

whew! i'm preparing a huge amuount of images of latest workshops,
meanwhile browsing Pinterest to have some fun.
this is my cheapest way to fulfill my thrist of consumerism,
although they are just images of things, but it works ;)
just take a look at my Pinterest if you want a little bit more!

*thank you so much to the lovely Celina Bailey for this sweet post,
i'm really honored because i do love her inspiring blog,
she blogs also at Babyccino Kids
and writtes on the amazing la petite magazine
and her Pinterest is so cool!

happy monday!!

cute summer treasury
ice creamdream

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Evie said... [Reply to comment]

great post - these images had me oohh-ing and aahh-ing all the way through. i always love spotting your new pins on pintrest too! you have such a wonderful board of embroidery which i am always inspired by x

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