Bye Bye Friends!

/ . \

a pesar de que la tienda lleva una temporada muy tranquilita
esta última semana he estado preparando algunos envíos.
 Pepo y Paquito han partido ya rumbo a Hong Kong!
es tan curioso que viajen a sitios en los que nunca he estado...
este último paquetito de temática teteril fue a Madrid,
mis teteras deben de pasárselo bomba en casa de Silvia!!
me encanta preparar envíos ;)
 espero que acabéis de pasar un feliz día!

despite the shop has been very quiet lately,
i was busy preparing some orders last week.
Pepo & Paquito are now flying to Hong Kong!
 it's so exciting and funny when my things travel to places where i haven't been before...
this other package containing teapots and tea time watches set off for Madrid,
guess Silvia's home is always in a happy tea party mood :)
love packing for my lovely shoppers ;)
hope you keep enjoying a great sunday!

thanks for featuring!!

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10 comentarios:

Kim Baise said... [Reply to comment]

such cute packing for your wonderful works and i love that fat little yarn cat there on the bottom :0

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@Kim Baise ;) thanks Kim!! this lovely yarn cat is Bagpuss, we brought him on our trip to London.
isn't it lovely?? :D

smallgirl said... [Reply to comment]

I love your little Bagpuss!! I discovered a Bagpuss museum in Canterbury, UK last year, where the original Bagpuss lives. So adorable!!

supercursi said... [Reply to comment]

Me gusta ver lo que pasa en la mesa del taller, con cosas a medio hacer y todos los trastos por medio :)

¡Y el colgante mini teterita es precioso!

gina said... [Reply to comment]

So much Eva thoughtfulness and care!
And guess what? I have the cousin to
your enamel ware bowl! Ha ha...

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

I didn't know there was a Bagpuss museum at Canterbury! must visit it!! :D
uff! pues siempre está así, el piso lleno de trastos y mil cosas siempre a medias... cuando me pongo a recoger me paso un día entero ;)

@gina ha ha ha! ;) really? it's a very nice ware bowl!! big and light!
it's containing a plastic bag full of your surprise balls' papers, i love to reuse them on my gift packagings!! this time I made bows for the wall hangers!! ;)

Lazy Animals said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE those wraps! adorable!

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@Lazy Animals Thank you!! ;)

JULIE ♥ ADORE said... [Reply to comment]

j'aime tellement ton packaging, Eva !
bravo pour toutes ces petites détailles!

Silvia said... [Reply to comment]

Eva, te aseguro que las teteras se lo pasan bomba en casa;) Aunque creo que te echan de menos...XD
¡Eres una artista! Siempre es una alegría recibir algo tuyo ;D
Un beso grande y feliz finde,

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