In process

hola! qué tal va el fin de semana?
aquí tenéis una afortunada que se lo va a pasar en casita
trabajando y disfrutando con nuevos proyectos ;)
esto es vida!!

espero que también estéis disfrutando de un feliz fin de semana :)

hi! how is your weekend going?
i'm a lucky one who is going to stay at home
just making and enjoying some new projects ;)
this is the life!

happy weekend to you too :)

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when skies are grey said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Eva! Thanks for the glimpse into your weekend projects. I just finished doing annoying stuff (cleaning), but now a coffee and working on fun things like you :)

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@when skies are grey Hi Kim!! so nice to hear from you again!!
I've been cleaning during the morning too!! ;)
working in a tidy space makes me enjoy a little bit more, I always have my place so messy... I have to be more organized!
happy crafty weekend! xx

Caterina Pérez said... [Reply to comment]

aiiiiii!!! esos animalitos quiero verlos ya!!!!

Adictaaloscomplementos said... [Reply to comment]

que buena pinta!a disfrutar mucho!
yo ultimando los preparativos de un viaje, que también es agradable :D

Vivika said... [Reply to comment]

Goodmorning! I am as lucky as you and I 'm making a bunny!

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@Caterina Pérez jejeje!! en ello estoy ;), espero tenerlos acabados esta semana!!
@Adictaaloscomplementos ya vés!! y tanto!! espero que disfrutes mucho del viaje!!
@Vivika Vain Good morning! this is cool!! Enjoy!! :D

happy sunday to you all!! feliz domingo!!

Maite said... [Reply to comment]

Uau pues tienen una pinta muy chula!

Jen said... [Reply to comment]

I always love seeing snips of what you're working on!
I'm crafting and trying to force myself to clean my apartment... haha... crafting is winning that battle. <3 Jen

Evie said... [Reply to comment]

sounds perfect!
i love the snippets of what you are working on.
the weekend was cold and wet here, i stayed home also... mostly studying which im enjoying so it was a good way to spend it too x

Annas Camping said... [Reply to comment]

Dear Eva, I am finally back in the blog world! (I think...) I love the colours in your new projects, and I am so curious to see what comes out of it! Big hugs :)

elblogperdido said... [Reply to comment]

que de cosas hermosas, un día de estos me va a dar síndrome de stendhal ;-)

Saskia said... [Reply to comment]

Love seeing your work in progress. So intrigued by your beautiful swan head, and the embroidery too. Sounds like the perfect day. I had a lovely Sunday too. Offered to sew my son a 'Virgil from the Thunderbirds' puppet... MUCH trickier than I had imagined!

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@Maite Pons Gracias! ;)
@Jen thanks Jen!! hahaha crafting wins always at home too! xx
@handmade romance Thank youu! Hope you had a nice weekend studing at home :) xx
@Annas Camping helloo! and welcome!! i missed you!!
@esther jajaja!! gracias esther ;)
@Saskia Thanks! your weekend sounds great too! I'm a big fan of Thunderbirds, this puppet must be so cool...

Gracias a todas, ha sido muy guay compartirlo con vosotras ;) Feliz PRIMAVERAAA!!
Thak you girls!! It's been so nice sharing my stuff with you!

Marta said... [Reply to comment]

El bastidor, el bastidor... me encanta la labor del bastidor! Bueno, lo demás tampoco está nada mal. Enfin, que tu blog está genial! Bss.

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