Sally & Peter. Embroidered kites for Playful 2016



hello there!
i've been working on these two embroidered kites:
Sally & Peter
as part of my contribution for Playful Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.
it's commissioned by the sweet Sophia Cai and
you can't miss it if you are lucky to live there, or closed to this town!

i'll post wit all the info about it: the workshops,
the amazing artists that will be joining it
(some of my favs!! like Evie Barrow, Beci Orpin, Hine Mizushima,
MochiMochi Land... and the spanish illustrator Erica Fustero)
and about the opening party on thursday 7th.
have a lovely week!!

he estado trabajando en estas dos cometas bordadas:
Sally y Peter
forman parte de mi installación para la exposición Playful
en Melbourne, Australia.
es una expo comisionada por Sophia Cai,
si eres tan afortudado/a como para estar por allí estos días no te la puedes perder!
tengo que subir un post con toda la info de la expo, los talleres y artistas
que están exponiendo (están algunos de mis favoritos! Evie Barrow, Beci Orpin, Hine Mizushima,
MochiMochi Land... y la ilustradora Erica Fustero)
y sobre la fiesta de presentación el jueves 7 de Abril.
feliz semana!!

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Evie said... [Reply to comment]

So good Eva! I love your kites and how Sally looks like she's been on a big fun adventure already. I can't wait to see the final display. I stopped by on the day of set up so got to take a peak at your beautiful work then : )

Melissa Hampson-Smith said... [Reply to comment]

These are awesome, love your work. We will come back to keep updated on this as we live in the UK. The exhibition sounds great fun, wish we could visit. We will come back to keep updated on this as we live in the UK.
My daughter & I have been out flying her kite this week, can't wait to show her this.
Happy Exhibition Melissa

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@Evie Hi Evie!!! Thank you!! It was so amazing to share the same show, love your embroideries too, so glad they were closed to my kites. Sucha cool company <3 xxx

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

@Melissa Hampson-Smith Thank you Melissa!! So nice of you!! Hope you enjoyed flying your kites, love kites ;) I'm preparing a very long post about all the works of exhibition, keep updated and thanks for visiting!!! Happy thursday <3

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