New Secret Keepers on SHOP!

just listed these three new Secret Keeper Purses
in the shop!
hope you like these colors.
have fun!
acabo de subir estos nuevos bolsitos
Guarda Secretos
a la tienda!
espero que te gusten estos colores.
a disfrutar!

Secret Keeper Collection
A collection of girly vintage Handmade Bags inspired by Big Eye dolls and Twiggy, featuring a very sixties doll face stitched on the front and two legs hanging from the bottom bag.

Besides holding the essentials to go for an evening walk as a small phone, keys, lipstick, coins purse... And as the collection name says, these mini bags are created to keep all your little secrets, thoughts or wishes.
There's an inside pocket containing a blank notecard for filling in with secrets, and another notecard for you to choose from different occasions: Happy Birthday, Happy Xmas or a Love greeting.
They made the cutest envelope for sending a love message or the most original greeting! 
It will be a really cute handmade unique and personalized gift.

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