Secret Keeper Purse Bag #10 / Pink with Blonde Doll

One-Of-a-Kind Kiss Lock Clutch Bag with Golden Black and White Chain
❤ Secret Keeper Collection ❤
Bag / Num. 10

This small clutch purse is made from a pink faux fur and aquamarine lining fabric for the inside. I added a vintage-style brown transparent plastic frame with sewing holes and clip clasp, it was hand sewn by me directly to the bag.

It comes with a fancy golden metal linked chain painted with black and white enamel, so you can hang it on your shoulder or wear it comfortably crossed.
This is a very small handbag designed for walking light, only small phones, money, cards or necessary cosmetics.

❤ Doll Face
This big-eyed smiling doll face has yellow felted hair, wears long pompom earrings and a tiny felt bow on the top of her head. I embroidered her face carefully, stitched a sheepish smile and two big black eyes. Picked brown felted circles for her chubby cheeks that brighten her face. Stuffed with polyfill. 

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