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❤️ Carmen Handbags❤️
do you like poppies? 


 Carmen Handbag
with Round Handle


Meet Carmen, my new One-of-a-kind red handbag featuring 
a Poppy Flower Doll Face with vintage Handles.

“I knew I had to make some beautiful bags with that lovely Red mesh fabric I found in summer. It reminds me of the old Spanish window lattices, carnations, and poppy flowers… It matched perfectly with the cream vintage handles that I kept from a long ago. Poppy flower dolls cheered it up with her smiling faces and then… I realized that Carmen as the best name for this very limited and unique collection.”

These are the two mini tote bags I made from a beautiful red mesh, 
a cute lightweight fabric that is also sturdy and resistant. 
I sewed and assembled it, it's reinforced with double seams. 
They both come with two round comfortable vintage plastic handles 
in a cream/bone white color.
Used some Black Velvet and Felt, 
as petals, 
to decorate the embroidered Poppy flowers 

Perfect for everyday essentials. 
You can carry a wallet, phone, make-up, keys… 
for city walks and nights out. 
for any crafter or sewing enthusiast.
They make an original and cute gift. 
Enjoy! 🌺 ❤️

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Micky said... [Reply to comment]

This is so nice.

dovian lawson said... [Reply to comment]

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