A tree

hola a todas!! siento muchísimo no pasarme a saludaros,
estoy trabajando como una loca para poder irme unos días fuera.
necesito sol, cielo, verde, agua, mar...

os presento a uno de los nuevos! dolo árbol,
podéis ver sus fotos y leer mucho más sobre él aquí.
este domingo subiré todas las dolis y dolos nuevas a la tienda,
espero que os gusten!!
hasta entonces iré posteando fotos de todos ellos.
os dejo con una foto de las preciosas dolis teteritas
que han bordado La Araña Tecla y Natalia,
podéis ver la versión que ha hecho Isabelle en Lou et Tom.
gracias!! :) me ha encantado ver lo bien que os han quedado.

hi there! i'm sorry for not doing any visit to you these last days,
i'm working too hard to have some days for going out from the city.
i need sun, sky, green, water, sea...

i'd like to introduce one of my new dolls! dolo tree,
here to see more photos and read about him.
next sunday i'll upload all the new stuff to my shop,
hope you'll like them!!
in the meantime i'll post photos of each one.
La Araña Tecla and Natalia embroidered these two lovely kettles,
and you can visit Lou et Tom to look at the wonderful
kettle that Isabelle has done.
Merci!! :) i'm happy to see how they come out

éste otro patrón lo he encontrado en PipStitch,
encontraréis más gatitos y patrones vintage!
feliz día :)
i found this great vintage pattern on PipStitch,
there're are lots of them posted, thank you Patty!
have a nice day to you all :)

6 comentarios:

lili scratchy said... [Reply to comment]

il est trop mignon...
buena noche!!

.girl ferment. said... [Reply to comment]

i love his little tree hands.

thank you for your comment, we are getting some of that Barcelona sun

(I must say Barcelona is one of my favourite places, I am hoping to visit Spain again in a few months)

emedemarta said... [Reply to comment]

oohhh... dan ganas de correr a abrazarle!!

este pequeño arbolito con puñitos verdes es amor!

gini said... [Reply to comment]

i love it aLL !bravO!
bonjour from the moutains of south france


babalisme said... [Reply to comment]

Hi thank you for stopping by my blog!! I know, Rachel from one pretty thing is so generous to include me there along with lots of wonderful artists, like you!! I don't feel I deserve being there at all!! :D

Kirsten said... [Reply to comment]

What a sweet little pattern! I love it.

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