Summer fly

jeloouu (saludo especial silvia ;)
estoy preparando las fotos y el post de un muñeco que hice el invierno pasado,
y no os enseñé (error).
os paso un pequeño aperitivo...
algunas otras moscas muy monas y
algunas otras moscas terroríficas por la red.
porque no hay verano sin moscas :)

i'm preparing a post about a doll i made last christmas,
which i didn't show you... (i'm a bad girl...)
but here are the first images of the mysterious doll ;)
and some other cute or scary flies i love.
because there's no summer without flies :)


Milton the Monster and Fearless Fly #1
Milton the Monster and Fearless Fly (1966)


Atoms Gone Wild Return of the Fly (1959) Monster Memories

"Return of the Fly" Vincent Price, 1965
via collect value and Monster crazy


left image: TV Fly
A fly monster with 2 TVs for eyes. Destroyed by V3's V3 Centrifugal Kick.
Episodes 3 & 4 (Kamen Rider V3- Destron Inhumanoids)

right image: Abugomens
A horse-fly monster. Destroyed by Kamen Rider 1's Rider Knee Block.
Episode 71 (Kamen Rider- Shocker Kaijin)

no os perdáis estos links, salen los monstruos más increíbles del mundo ;)
don't miss those links to meet the most amazing monsters ever ;)


feliz jueves :)
happy thursday :)

11 comentarios:

Megan said... [Reply to comment]

hehe! I love that comic book!!
I agree, it is not summer with out getting attacked by some sort of insect! Boo!!
I love the little sneak peek at your doll!! Those little wings are so darling!!!

Annas Camping said... [Reply to comment]

Hello, dear Eva!
So many cute flies! Want to see more of your doll, please!

And thank you so much, by the way, for all the sweet comments on my blog. And for posting the last one on Facebook! My stats are going through the roof :)

Lydia said... [Reply to comment]
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lydia said... [Reply to comment]

So cool. I love old monster movies! Oh and this one is so good- aliens not monsters though- "Teenagers from outer space"

covi said... [Reply to comment]

uuuuhh algo de mosntruos! qué tema más terrorífico para trabajar... aunque seguro que tus dolo monstruos (o lo que sea la sorpresa jeje) tendrán mucha dulzura en sus corazoncitos de trapo :) espero con impaciencia las fotos y el post, siempre te lo currras un montón, eres la leche, un besín!

Lanapelana said... [Reply to comment]


Que alitas más monas tiene este muñeco y la nariz trompetera! jeje, seguro que es muy divertido!
La documentación de moscas me ha molao, jaja, buenísima!

Besos Eva!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Me encantó el muñeco porque es simultáneamente tierno y asquerosito. Divertidísimo.

Cristina said... [Reply to comment]

Oh mosquitas
Estaré al loro

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

Mrs.Megan: Thank you! :D
we've been bombarded by mosquitoes this summer, so annoying!

Annas Camping: Hello Camilla!! Your welcome ;), my pleasure!!
it was a great finding! love her work and your blog too!!
have a lovely weekend!

Drink more tea: Hello Lydia! Thank you for suggesting this one! :D I din't know it!
It looks amazing!! it will be tonight's movie ;)
I'll tell you about it! hehe

covi: gracias!! :D jajaja!! estoy en ello ;)
un besín y feliz fin de semana!!

Lanapelana: Hola Marta! gracias!! me alegro de que te hayan molado todas estas moscas ;)
un beso y feliz fin de semanaaa!

Camila: gracias ;)!!

Cristina: esta mosca ya está al caer :)!!

un beso a todas y feliz fin de semana!!
Have a lovely weekend you all!!

Silvia said... [Reply to comment]

Eres una "monstrua". Menudo post chulo :)
Buen finde!

honi mun said... [Reply to comment]

hola wapa! menuda mosquita chula! ^_^ Estoy poniendo en práctica tus puntos fantasiosos de bordado , jeje Un besín y feliz vuelta a la rutina

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