Three little witches * Shop updated!

hace unos días me enamoré de Serena y Drusilla,
con sus sombreritos puntiagudos.
de ahí salieron las tres brujitas,
de un deseo enorme de recordar esas historias y cuentos,
esos personajes y esos sombreros.
ya están en mi tienda y esta semana os las iré presentando una a una.
esta mañana les he estado haciendo un montón de fotos
algunas son super graciosas.
ah! también he subido los tres colgantes de diablillos.
jejeje, espero que os gusten!
feliz semana :)
* Gracias Puolukka por inclurme en tu treasury!

i fell for Serena & Drusilla last week (so cute!!),
and i loved their little black hats.
my three mischievous witches came out from there,
i felt a strong nostalgia of those tales, characters... and hats.
they're on my shop now, i'll introduce them one by one during the week.
(i've got lots of lovely images)
oh! i've just uploaded my three red evils necklaces too.
have a nice week :)
*Thank you Puolukka for featuring me in your treasury!

17 comentarios:

Mathyld / encore petite said... [Reply to comment]

Eeep ! So cute ! I couldn't wait to see your witches, I did visit your blog like ten times, today :D
Thanks so much for talking about my Drusilla & Serena !
I'm sure they would be best friends with your witches ♥
I am in looove !

Have a wonderful week,
x x x

PS : I don't think you know but my initials are MM so every time I catch a glimpse at your embroidered MM it is like your creations are talking to me ... Like they're meant to be mine :)

Mallory said... [Reply to comment]

your witches are the cutest witches to ever cast a spell. or ride a broom. or anything else witchy! oh how i love them!

Beatriz said... [Reply to comment]

Qué brujitas más majas!

lepetitpot said... [Reply to comment]

t'han quedat genials!

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you Mathyld ♥!! your little owls are s sweet!
what a coincidence! hahaha! one friend of mine has the same two initials too, it's funny :D
i was so tired at the end of the day...
have a nice monday!

Wow! thank you Mallory :), it's a lovely compliment.

Gracias Beatriz!!

Uff, casi me murro en el intento natalia!! menudo tour de force!!

Olivia_p said... [Reply to comment]

ya los vi en la tienda, que monos :P

Pepa said... [Reply to comment]

I'm absolutly bewitched!!!! son adorables!!!!

Dibibos said... [Reply to comment]

Pero que cosiñas! Esas boquitas tan chiquitinas, y los pelos locos, me encantan.

Fulanita said... [Reply to comment]

No no no!!!Estan PRECIOSAS!! Y los collares...ni decir! Las quiero todas!!

las sandalias de ana said... [Reply to comment]

je je son totales! ;)

little t jane said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, so lovely! You always create the most darling, adorable little friends!!! thank you for the good cheer!

Evie said... [Reply to comment]

hehe TOO cute. i all of these new editions x

emedemarta said... [Reply to comment]


estas brujitas son tremendas! me han encantado las banderitas.. si es que.. lo haces todo taaaan bonito!

MOB said... [Reply to comment]

Están de muerte las tres brujas pirujas..... son muy bonitas.

Fine Little Day said... [Reply to comment]

And such a great display in the top photo :)

Kristen said... [Reply to comment]

How cute!! Love love LOVE your three little Witches :)

supercursi said... [Reply to comment]

¡Esas tres brujitas son adorables!

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