estamos apurando hasta el último minuto para dejar todo listo para la inauguración de Mogu.
(toxogirl las fotos de París vendrán pronto ;)
ahora nos vamos a dormir y descansar un poco.
mañana os esperamos a todos a las 8 de la tarde en Duduá.
ya quedan poquitas plazas para el taller de muñecos del sábado
y del taller de cocina japonesa del domingo!
tengo unas ganas!!!
espero que paséis un feliz viernes!
we're working so hard for Mogu's exhibition.
(my pictures of Paris will come later, i'm so tired...
we'll need to sleep to be ready for the opening tomorrow!)
we'll take a lot of pictures, honest!!
hope you have a great friday!!

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ameskeria said... [Reply to comment]

a ver si coincidimos mañana! mucha suerte para la inauguración!

handmade romance said... [Reply to comment]

oh i hope you got some sleep ready for the opening. i cant wait to see more and your pic of paris!!

lili scratchy said... [Reply to comment]

poor lazy artist ;^)
I'm thinking to you!!!!
be strong, you're the best.

gina said... [Reply to comment]

I wish I were like
I Dream of Jeannie:
cross my arms and
*blink* I'm there!
To help, to work, to

babalisme said... [Reply to comment]

COngratulation on your upcoming exhibition! I wish I could be there...

misako mimoko said... [Reply to comment]

ameskeria: fue una pena no vernos!! la próxima vez será! :)

handmade romance: oh!! so sorry!! my pics of paris are waitnig for my next post.

Lili: Thank you for your great support Lili!! it all worked out at the end :D. bisses!!

gina: Thank you sweetie!! wish one day we'll meet together!!

babalisme: thank you!!

feliz miércoles!
happy wednesday!

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